Create Medium posts
from Markdown in a snap.

Including syntax highlighting for all your fancy
code blocks.

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Markdown Code Editor describing how markdown to medium works

Why do I need this?

If you want to publish a Markdown post to Medium and you want it to contain syntax highlighted code snippets, there is literally no faster way to make that happen than by using this tool.

How does it work?

This tool takes the pain out of importing a Markdown post into Medium by doing the manual labor for you (creating a gist on Github of your markdown). It also scans your Markdown file for any code blocks and extracts them into their own gists so Medium can syntax highlight them.

Why Github?

To import your Markdown to Medium, we need to create a few gists for you which requires Github authorization. Promise we won't use your email for anything except for the purpose of this tool!

How can I ever thank you?

Wow! That was really kind of you to ask. Really, most people don't even read this far, but not you. You my friend are a rare breed. You can thank me by saying hi on twitter @jacobbennett and by sharing this with those that could use it.

created by Jake Bennett